Coalition warplanes bomb militia’s positions, reinforcements eastern Sana’a.

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The Saudi-led Arab coaltion warplanes launched several airstrikes targeted positions and reinforcements belonging to Houthi coup militias amid heavy battles on the ground in Nihm and Serwah districts eastern the capital Sana’a.

Local sources told September Net that the air raids targeted positions and gatherings of Houthi coupists in Alshat and Al-Agramah hills of Serwah district, adding that the airstrikes resulted in a number of deaths and wounded in the ranks of the coupists in addition to destroying several vehicles.

” Another airstrike by the Coalition aircraft targeted militia’s weapons depot in
Al Gahan area of Serwah district,”the source added.

As for Nihm district, the coalition airstrikes targeted ,on Thursday evening,
reinforcements of militias in Mahali area eastern the capital Sana’a, infecting the rebels a number of killed and wounded as well as destroying several vehicles.



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