Houthi militias suffer major losses, continue shelling populated areas in Taiz

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Fierce battles broke out on Saturday between the national army forces and Houthi coup militias in different warfronts of Makbana district western Taiz governorate.

Local sources told September Net that violent fighting erupted between the army forces and the coup militias in Makbana district after the latter attempted to infiltrate into military postions of the army, but were beaten and forced to flee after inflicted heavy losses in life and supplies.

In parallel, the army forces launched today an attack against militia’s positions in al-Awyed and Almathabi mountains of the same district , leaving many killed and wounded in the ranks of the coupists.

Local sources said that eight-years child was seriously injured as the coup militias conducted artillery shells on Alkahaifah area of Makbana.

In parallel, the coup militias retaliated for its ground losses by conducting artillery shells on the residential nighborhods of Ber Basha, causing serious damages to houses and properties.



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