President Hadi receives UN’s envoy to Yemen

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi received Monday the UN’s envoy to Yemen Isma’il Ould Sheikh Ahmed with the purpose of discussing the latest developments in the Yemeni national arena.

The President blamed Houthi militia for their intransigence and evasive maneuvers, describing them as blood thirsty and untrustworthy.” This meeting came after the putschist Houthi militia had murdered their partner, former President, that is a testament of their bloody and vicious movement against everybody hold different attitudes or opposite to their own”, said Hadi.

” They are incapable to understand peace vocabularies and conceptions that we have been seeking for along with the international community throughout previous periods and we have made every possible concessions in order to stop bloodshed”, he added.

President Hadi stated that the putschist militia don’t recognize the peace references, nor the relevant International Security Council resolutions. He said ” They don’t care about Yemeni people suffering, they have been taking control over the nation’s resources, reserves of the Yemeni Central Bank to finance their war, violating human rights, abducting and recruiting children to fight their own absurd proxy warfare against the Yemeni people”.

The President has reiterated that he has always been very keen to make peace as it is his own national and humanitarian responsibility as a leader of the country.

For his part, the UN envoy briefed the President on the outcomes of his deputy’s visit to Sana’a. Ould Sheikh stressed the importance to build trust for any forthcoming consultations over peace that should be established upon the well-know references.

The Deputy Premier, Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi and the deputy of the UN envoy Ma’een Shoraim.


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