Five mines’ experts belonging to Houthi militia killed off Midi coasts

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National military naval forces thwarted Sunday Houthi militia’s attempt to plant naval mines in the coasts of Midi district, Hajjah province, killing five mines’ experts and capturing another.

The naval forces of Fifth Military Region targeted, on Sunday morning, three boats belonging to Houthi militia while they were planting naval mines in Midi coasts off the Red Sea, September Net correspondent said, citing a military source.

The source said that the maritime forces destroyed the first boat killing the three mines’ experts on it, and seized the second boat after killing two others and capturing a third, while the third boat fled the sea.

The naval forces started immediately to dismantle the mines planted already by the Houthi militia before the attack, since it seriously threatens lives of fishermen and population of the islands off the Midi coasts, according to the source.

Planting naval mines by Houthi militia came in the scope of threat and danger this militia poses on the global maritime shipping and move of Yemeni fishermen off the coasts of Red sea.

Last year, an underwater mine planted by the insurgents has killed eight fishermen while on their boat coming back home near ‘Tawq’ Island, in Midi coasts.

The National Army and Arab coalition have removed hundreds of mines planted by Houthi militia off the west coast in order to target commercial ships.



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