Army makes new advance, inflicts militias serious losses in Taiz

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A prominent leader of Houthi coup militias and four of his escorts were killed on Wednesday during clashes with the national army forces in coincidence with ground progress by the army in Taiz city, military source told September Net.

The source added that the army troops fully controlled Alhogala area and many other positions after violent battles against Houthi coup militias northern Taiz, leaving five militiamen killed including the field leader known as “Mohammad Alkobaisi”.

As for the western front, The army forces launched today heavy attack against militas’ positions northern Mozza district and successfully regained control over Alhameli area as well as seized a weapons depot and forced the militias to retreat after inflicted serious losses in life and supplies, local sources told September Net.

In parallel, at least two Houthi militias were killed and their vehicle destroyed as they tried to sneak into the army’s positions in Alsayahi area of Althabab front western Taiz, but the army managed to ward off their attempts and forced them to flee.



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