New massacre by Houthi militias leaves 5 civilian injured in Taiz

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At least five civilians in Taiz have been wounded on Thursday by Iranian-backed Houthi militia artillery shelling on a public market downtown the city, southwestern the country.

A number of artillery shells fired by Houthi militia today have landed on the crowded market, Al Souk Almarqezi”, causing critical injuries of five people shopping at the market, September Net correspondent said.

The Houthi rebels are still continuing to rain down the residential neighborhoods of the city from their positions in the city’s outskirts by heavy rocket attacks, causing massive explosions rocking it and a terror among citizens, He added.

On the ground, the army forces have announced launching a large military operation that aims to complete liberation of the city from the the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The army forces have made significant advances in several areas eastern the city during the operation, in coincides with similar gains on the city’s western fronts.



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