Army liberates fresh positions, over 50 militants killed in Taiz

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The national army forces continued the military operation to complete liberating the areas controlled by Houthi coup militias, making new progress in the west and the north fronts of Taiz governorate on Friday.

Military sources told September Net that the army forces launched large-scale attack on militias’ positions and gatherings, retaking control over the strategic hill of Alkarea and significant parts of Wadi Ghorab north-western the city.

In parallel, the army troops fully liberated Sharaf al-Aneen area and other hills including Alshabyah, Alkhazanat and al-Agad in Gabal Habashi district after heavy battles against the coupists, the source added.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes launched several airstrikes today targeting militias’ positions and reinforcements in different positions of the city including Althakarah area
60th St., Almodaragat hill and other positions in Alroba’e area.

The ground battles and the air raids resulted in killing over 50 armed member of the coupists including three field leaders known as “Abu Samed”, “Abu Azam” and “Abu Tareq” in addition to dozens injured, according to the source.

The source affirmed that the battles continued between the army forces and the coupists in several positions of the battlefronts.



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