Hadi-headed meeting says Aden rebellion not casual, raises question marks

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A meeting that President Abd-Rabbu Manso.” ur Hadi headed in Riyadh on Monday over the “steps to coup” in Aden on Sunday said those steps were not casual and rather raise more than one question mark on whom they are designed to serve.

On Sunday loyalists to Southern Transitional Council (STC) launched armed attacks to seize government offices in the temporary capital and sparked clashes with the government forces, which led to the killing of 10 people and injury of dozens of others.

Hadi convened a meeting on Monday in response bringing together the presidential advisors, the Vice President, the Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister and the heads of the country’s political parties. The meeting described STC’s sparked clashes in Aden as “a rejected act for coup and irresponsible behavior.”

The meeting confirmed that the clashes spread panic amongst the city’s population who rally behind the Yemeni state especially as gains against the Houthi rebels in the north gain momentum.

The meeting agreed that the sole beneficiary of any cleavage in the nationalist ranks will be the Iranian agenda, the battle against which determines the nation’s destiny and existence.

The meeting warned the survival of the Iranian agenda threatens not only Yemen, but the whole Arab world and the global peace.

It called on the STC militants to give up the narrow personal ambitions and cooperate in fixing any mismanagements and issues instead of using them as a pretext to implement a coup.

The meeting warned that any attempts to deflect the course of the nation’s battle against the main threat, Houthi insurgency, would be countered with heavy-handedness.



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