Lahjj,,, National Army makes gains, coalition jets strike Houthi militia

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Violent battles continued between National Army, backed by Arab coalition warplanes, and Houthi coup militia on Monday in the southwestern province of Lahjj.

The army forces attacked Houthi militia-controlled locations in al-Qabatah Directorate, taking control of sites of Najd and the hilly position Wazef, northern the province, military sources told September Net.

The troops are continuing to make feild advances forcing the rebels to retreat and flee toward Najd Alkafal region.

Saudi-led Arab coalition fighters launched Today several raids targeting Houthi militia gatherings and sites in scattered areas between Taiz and Lahjj provinces.

A number of militiamen were killed, including six elements related to the the so-called Lahjj “Governor”, appointed by Houthi rebels militias, the sources said.



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