Arab Coalition raids target militia sites in Albayada

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The Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts bombed on Wednesday a number of the Houthi militia positions in Qiva district, Al-baydah province.

Military source said to “September Net” that the coalition aircraft launched a number of airstrikes on locations and gatherings of the coupists in Fadaeh area Almalajem distract, leaving a number of killed and injured in the ranks of militias in addition to destroying several vehicles.

In Natta district, , the army troops expanded their attacks on the Houthi sites and continue advances towards al-mlajeem district, source added.

In another context, Houthi militias continued to fire their artillery attacks into the densely populated villages in the Oldrabee and Natta districts, causing a major material losses on houses and resulting horror among residents, mainly women and children.



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