Army forces liberates strategic positions in Taiz

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The National Army made new progress in Taiz on Thursday, during the military campaign launched last week to push Houthi militiamen out of Taiz province.

September Net reporter said that fierce fighting continued between the army forces and Iran-backed Houthi militias in various warfronts of the city.

In the west of the city, the army forces managed to liberate Alsoda hill and three other positions in Almoneem mountain of Althabab front western the city after violent fighting against Houthi militias.

Meanwhile, army forces engaged in heavy battles against the coupists in different positions of al-Selw district and completely controlling over the district and forced the militiamen to flee after inflicted serious losses in life and supplies.

The source added that the battles resulted in killing over 22 armed member of the militias and wounding tens other as well as major losses in equipment.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition warplanes launched several airstrikes targeting militias’ positions and reinforcements western the city, leaving a number of killed and wounded in addition to destroying several heavy weapons.



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