FM: Our efforts for defending Palestinian Issue will double

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Yemen has confirmed Arab firm position from Quds central issue as a historical foundation in the struggle process of the Palestinian people and embarking from Palestinian Issue as key national issue.

” The political and diplomatic of the UN General Assembly’s resolution over Quds… calls us to continue active diplomatic efforts for convincing hesitating countries to announce rejecting positions of harming the legal status of Quds,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulmalik al-Mikhlafi in the resumed meeting for the Arab League on Quds on Thursday.

“The Yemeni diplomacy has exerted efforts during its presidency to the Arab Group in the General Assembly in providing the draft of Arab Decision and exerted huge efforts in cooperation and coordination with the Arab Group for approving the UN Resolution rejecting relocating US Embassy to Quds” he added.

He praised International Community efforts for supporting Palestinian right on not harming Quds Stature and rejecting US decision of relocating US embassy to Quds as baseless measure.

He made it clear that the General Assembly’s approved decisions has confirmed that any decisions or measures aiming at harming Quds status have not legal foundation and are baseless.

He confirmed that the role played by the government and President of Egypt deserve gratitude and thanks. Egypt led the Palestinian reconciliation and has active role in the UN Security Council while participating as a member in the council and played active diplomatic role in defending Quds’ stature.


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