Houthi commander killed in with dozens militiamen in Taiz

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Tens elements of Iran-backed Houthi militia, including a Brigadier General were killed in clashes in southeastern Taiz province, a military source told September Net.

The troops of 35th Brigade repulsed an attack by the militias on Thursday night in the Selw mountain trail, inflicting the attackers heavy losses in human before pushing them back, the source said.

The Commader of 201st Brigade affiliated with the coup militia, Brigadier General Mohammed Ali Abdulkhale was also among the dozens dead, while several others militiamen were wounded, in addition to the capture of four.

According to the source, the Houthi commander was appointed by the rebels after his ex-commander was killed also by the hands of the army.

National Army forces in Taiz have announced two days ago that the Selw district is entirely free of Houthi militia, and the forces are pushing for Demant Khadir Directorate.

The army, backed by Arab coalition forces, in the meantime launched a major military operation last Thursday to drive Houthi militia out of the whole province, making advances in all the city’s warfronts, in contrast with sever setbacks among the rebels.



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