Houthi militia inflicts heavy casualties in Al-Jawf province

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At least 20 militiamen of Houthi militia were on Sunday killed in clashes and Arab coalition air raids in Al-Jawf province, northeastern the country.

A military source told September Net that heavy fighting took place today between the army troops and Iran-backed Houthi militia in scattered positions in tge warfronts of Al-Motoon and Al-Masloob districts, western the province.

The source said that the artillery of the army and Arab coalition aircraft targeted different locations for the Houthi insurgents northern Al-Motoon, killing 20 militiamen including three prominent ground leaders.

The army forces in Al-Jawf have recaptured the majority of the key territories , and are continuing military operation to clear the province entirely from the putschists Houthi militia.



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