Militias collapsing, Army troops continue advancing in Taiz

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The national army forces achieved on Sunday significant field progress during fierce battles against Iran-backed Houthi militias in different warfronts of Taiz province.

September Net correspondent said that the army forces launched fierce attack against the coupists stationed in Gabal Habashi district western the city, retaking control over the villages of Alsafra, Qaydah, Algabreah, Almanarah,Alzayf, Alalafi.

In parallel, the army forces continued attacking militia’s positions in al-Akhaf and Almashbak areas of Sharaf Alaneen in the same district, aiming to liberate the district and forced the coupists to flee out of the city, added the source.

The battles left dozens of killed and injured in the ranks of the militias in addition to large quantity of weapons were seized by the army.

As for the northern fronts of Taiz, the national army forces launched fierce attack accompanied with artillery shelling on militias’ sites north-western Osefera area, resulting in liberating several positions including Alshagarah neighborhood and moving towards The strategic mountain of Alwash.

The commander Mogeeb Alrahman Alsolwi told September Net that the coup militias launched an attack today targeting army’s positions in al-Selw district, but were beaten and forced to flee.

At least eight Houthi militants were killed and others wounded as the artillery forces of the army targeted their gatherings in the same district, Alsolwi added.



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