Army forces recapture strategic locations north of Lahjj

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National Army forces on Monday made advances and retook full control of key positions from the Houthi rebel militia in the north of Lahjj province, south of the country.

The army troops backed by local popular resistance regained control over the hilly site Al-sentral and Khadijah region in the distracts of Al-Shuraijah and Al-Qabetah respectively, north of the province, September Net correspondent reported on Monday.

The army forces were also able to liberate some of the highlands that connect Souk Al-Rabo’a and Al-Shurayjah with roads to the Prophet Shauib Mountain in Al-Qabatah, after they fought heavily against the rebels militia, Press Secretary of 4th Military Region, Capt. Mohammed Al-Naqeep told September Net.

Five Houthi militia were killed and another was captured, Al-Naqeep confirmed, adding the army seized amount of weapons from the coupists.

“The control of those strategic areas would positively change the military operations against Houthi coup militia, who are suffering painful blows day after day,” said Col. Abdulhakeem Musa Al-Sho’iby, commander of Karesh Front.



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