The national army achieves new gains in al-Baydah

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The army troops managed to retake several areas and positions after fierce battles against Houthi coup militia in Natea district of al-Baydah province on Friday.

Military source told September Net that the army launched heavy attack against Houthi militias stationed northern Natea district and successfully regained control over the areas of Alrodah, Alfalheah,al-Reqab, Alkhanak and A’ashar Hospital.

In parallel, the Saudi-led Arab coalition jets launched a number of airstrikes targeting positions and gatherings of the coupists in A’ashar area, Alhamra mountain western the district.

The source added that the ground battles and airstrikes inflicted the coupist a number of killed and wounded in addition to large quantity of weapons and vehicles were seized by the army.


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