Coalition airstrikes destroyed rebels ballistic missile platform and reinforcements in Hodiedah

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Saudi-led Arab coalition airstrikes have destroyed Iranian-backed Houthi militia ballistic missile platform and reinforcements in the province of Hodiedah, on Thursday, west of the country.

Military sources stated to September Net that the fighters’ raids completely destroyed the militias’ armed vehicles along with militants in the southern and northern patrs of Hais district, adding that similar air raids targeted also their reinforcements in Al-Jarahi late on Wednesday.

The air raids resulted in the complete destruction of vehicles and a number of killed and injured of militia members.

Warplanes of coalition have destroyed Thursday a ballistic missile platform as well as auxiliaries of the coup militias at the War Airport in the province. It targeted the platform while the rebels were preparing it to fire ballistic missiles, killing and wounding a number of them, sources added.



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