FM calls on International community to press for engaging the militia in peace process

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Deputy Premier, Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi urged the International community, UN SC permanent member states and 18 nations supporting peace process in Yemen to mount pressure on the coup d’état forces to engage themselves in peace efforts seriously and come back to peace process on the basis of the GCC’s Initiative, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council resolution 2216 in order to put Yemen and its population on the right path to end the coup and restore the state’s legal institutions.

In statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) the Foreign Minister affirmed that the government has been doing its own best within the available capacities and resources to cope with the living conditions and basic services challenges amid disastrous humanitarian ordeal due to Houthi rebel militia and its insistence on messing up with the country’s resources, security and stability.

Al-Mikhlafi pointed out to the efforts have been exerted by the government to put an end of the Yemeni peoples suffering and to stop killing and devastating machinery the rebels have deeply gone through. The government has been seeking to resume the political process that is based on the rules and references agreed on internationally including the GCC’s brokered deal, outcomes of the National Dialogue and International Security Council resolutions, mainly resolution 2216.

Al-Mikhlafi made reference to the Arab Summit that arrangements are underway now to hold it by the end of March in Saudi capital Riyadh. He described the proposed summit as an opportunity to regain the initiative and come to consensus on the policies that put high national interests of Arab nation above all other considerations.

The Foreign Minister highly appreciated the efforts have been made by the Suadi-led Coalition for restoring legality in Yemen on top of all Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Al-Mikhlafi reiterated that the Yemeni government welcomes the newly appointed UN envoy to Yemen, Mr Marten Griffith.



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