Houthi rebels still suffer major losses in Hodiedah province

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Violent confrontations have been taking place in the western coastal warfronts between National Army, backed by Arab coalition, and Houthi coup militia in Hodiedah province.

The confrontations broke out in the late hours of Wednesday as army troops repulsed an insurgents militia’s attempt to carry out a raid on their sites western the province, field sources told September Net.

In the meantime, Saudi-led Arab coalition warplanes launched several raids that targeted Houthi militia positions and gathering and equipment in Al-Jarahi and Hais Directorates.

Four ballistic missiles and a mortar artillery were completely destroyed in the coalition airstrikes, sources added.

In Mouzaa district west of Taiz, the coalition aircraft and army artillery conducted heavy shelling on positions and war equipment of the militia eastern Al-Hamily area, killing and wounding several elements, as well as destroying combat machines including a 14.5 machine gun.

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