VP urges institutionally military build-up

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Vice President Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh chaired Thursday a meeting of senior commanders and officials of the Ministry of Defense, with the presence of advisor of Commander-in- Chief—Acting Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohammed Ali Al-Maqadashi, General Inspector of Armed Forces—Acting Chief of Staff, Maj. General Adel Al-Qomairi and Commander of Coalition Forces in Marib Brigadier General Ali bin Syar Al-Anzi.

The meeting intended to review military situations and advancements in the battlefields in different fronts while troops have been fighting vicious battles against the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The Vice President praised the military advancements and victories have been achieved by the national armed forces backed by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen urged the army commanders to go on building the national military institutions professionally and institutionally, he said:” It is your responsibility as commanders to build up the armed forces institution patriotically and institutionally in order to be capable of defending Yemenis’ will and properties and re-establishing sustainable peace and security in Yemen and the Region”.

The senior commanders detailed the Vice President on the latest developments and advancements in frontline battles. They also cited challenges facing the troops and difficulties need to be overcome to go on pushing out the militia from the remaining areas they are still controlling.


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