National Army makes gains in Hajjah’s Haradh, over 70 militias killed

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National Army forces have made today a new military advancement by retaking control of the old Customs in Haradh city in the province of Hajjah, northwestern the country.

Military sources told September Net that the army forces backed by Arab coalition warplanes, fought heavily against the Houthi coup militia in the border front Haradh, pointing out that the troops manged to recapture the city’s old customs.

Media Center of the 5th Military Region, reported that at least 70 elements of the coup militia were killed and wounded including Houthi leader Abu al-Laith Al Zaka’ri, during the past two day in Midi.

It pointed out that the coalition aircraft and the national army’s artillery accurately targeted the latest trenches and the movements of the militias, which caused heavy losses to the their equipment and militants.



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