More 100 Houthi coupists killed in airstrikes, artillery rounds eastern Sana’a

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The artillery of the National Army forces intensified on Wednesday its shelling on reinforcements and vehicles belonging to the Houthi coup militia in Nehm directorate eastern the capital Sana’a.

Military sources told September Net that the artillery fire of the Army forces shelled gatherings and locations of the Houthi rebels in the areas of Dhaboa, al-Bayadhi and Masswara of Nehm directorate, inflicting them major losses.

Meanwhile, the army fighters continue battling the Houthi coupist in various positions of the right and left fronts, scoring a new progress on the ground.

In the same context, the warplanes of the Arab coalition launched several raids in the same Directorate, killing and wounding more than 100 Houthi rebels in addition to destroy four armored vehicles and quantity of weapons and ammunition.



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