(Lt Gen) Al-Maqdeshi meets with Arab Coalition Forces Command in Marib

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Adviser of the Commander-in-Chief, Acting Minister of Defense Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdeshi met on Thursday in Marib with the Command of Arab Coalition Forces in Marib front.

It was a farewell and greeting meeting in which (Lt Gen) ِAl-Maqdeshi said goodbye for the outgoing commander of the Emiratis troops in Marib Brigadier General Saleh Sa’aeed Al-Aleeli and welcomed the incoming Brigadier General Ahmed Rashid Al-Masaberi.

The Commander of Arab Coalition Forces, commander of Saudi troops in Marib Brigadier General Ali Sayer Al-Anzi was in attendance.

Al-Maqdeshi highly praised the supportive stances of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition member states toward Yemen, deeply appreciating the efforts and sacrifices they have been making to support legitimate Yemeni leadership and Yemeni people.

(Lt Gen) Al-Maqdeshi honored Brigadier Al-Aleeli a Certificate in recognition of his significant efforts and contribution to the combat operations by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces against Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Al-Maqdeshi warmly welcomed Brigadier Al-Masaberi, wishing him all the best in his mission.


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