National Army recaptures three mountains north of Lahjj province

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National Army forces, supported by Saudi-led Arab coalition jets, on Tuesday managed to liberate three strategic mountains in the country’s southern Lahjj province

A military source told September Net that the army forces regained, today, full control over the mountains of ‘Shiafan’, ‘Maqsrah’ and ‘al-Sahi’, which are located in ‘Karesh’ district, north of Lahjj,

The source added that after the liberation of the mountains, the army troops didn’t stop and continued moving forward towards Al-Shuraijah and Al-Raheda, a two regions south of Taiz province and a supply line through which Houthi putschists militia recieve their reinforcements.

In the meantime, Saudi-led Arab coalition fighter jets carried out intensive air raids targeted positions, gatherings and combat equipment belonging to the Iran-backed rebels in scattered areas of the district.

Tens of militia elements were killed and injured during the fighting and in the coalition airstrikes, besides the destruction of their weapons, ammunition and war equipment.

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