Maj. General Al-Theybani : Houthi militia collapsing and losing more sites

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Commander of Seventh Military Region, Major General Naser Al-Theybani has confirmed that Houthi militias have been unable to restore any sites which army had liberated, and are losing more new positions everyday.

In a press statement on Thursday, the Maj. General said the army had destroyed most of the weapons which the militia mobilized to rensure their remain in the capital Sana’a, adding that they have suffered fatal losses in supplies and great number of killed during the battles with Army forces.


“National Army troops have tightly secured all areas and locations they have liberated, and have been on outskirts of al-Ghail district in Al-Jawf province,” said General Al-Theybani, adding the army in Nihm front would soon meet with troops in al-Ghail especially after breaking Houthis’ defending lines.


He noted that the national military have achieved great victories by liberating vast territories from Iran-backed militias, who are collapsing and retreating the warfronts.


“National Army forces have now the upper hand in making victories and are capable of resolving the battle militarily, however the  coming days would bring joy to our people,” General Al-Theybani concluded.


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