National army makes new advancement southern Taiz

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September Net


The national army troops have achieved significant advancements after fierce battles against Houthi coup militias southern Taiz province on Friday.

Military sources said to September Net that fierce clashes broke out between the army forces and Houthi insurgents in the areas of Alkordof and Alalop western Alrahedah district, where the army regained control of strategic areas.

As for the southern front, the army troops managed to retake control of several positions from the coupists in Alrahedah district and moved forward towards the area of Alsahi, added the source.

The battles left tens of killed and wounded in the the ranks of the coupists, while the rest elements fled the battlefields, according to the sources.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircraft covered the army during the battles, bombing militias’ gatherings and sites in same district, leaving a number of killed and wounded.





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