National army makes key gains in Saada

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National army forces, backed by the Arab Coalition, captured strategic high ground critical to the battle against the Houthi militia in Saada province ,the stronghold of rebels.

Military source stated to “September Net” that the army forces launched a large-scale military operation to liberate Aldahar area controlling the most important sites and strategic mountains.

The army troops liberated the areas of Haid-alasm, Abo-akial hill and the building of Almlaheed Rural hospital and other areas on outskirts of the Aldaher directorate, west of Saada province.

National army inflicted several of killing and injuring among the insurgents, according to the source.

In Baqam district, the army troops were able to regain control several strategic hills and mountains in Aleb axes, source added.

The fighting resulted in killing of 15 rebels and many others injured.

In the meantime, Arab Coalition fighters targeted two armed vehicles stationed in Aboab-alhaded area, killing all militia on board, in addition to destroying 7 motorcycles and a quantity of weapons and ammunition, belonging to the Houthi coupists.



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