Army troops cut off Houthi supply routes between Saada, Maleel front

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The National Army has made progress on the ground, cutting off militia’s supply line linking between the center of the governorate and the front of “maleel” in Alab axis, North Saada province.

Colonel “Saleh Al Humaidi” the Staff Brigader of the 84 Infantry Brigade, said in a statement to “September Net” that the army forces seized weapons from the militias, including RPGs, a cannon and Kalashnikov rifals, radios communications devices, with two 12,7mm machine guns.

He pointed out that the army troops combed the hills of Alknasain and the strategic mountains of Toar-alhasheem, pointing out that two elements of the Iran-backed Houthis were captured, while the rest fled.

Colonel “Al Humaidi” also said that the militia suffered dozens of deaths, injures during the liberation battle, over the past two days.



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