National Army makes unique  advancements amid continued battles in Saadah :  Maj. Brigadier Al-Athla

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September Net


The Commander of Saadah  Axis Major Brigadier Obaid Al-Athla confirmed that  National Army forces, with the support of the Arab coalition, continue its military operations against the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in order to liberate the rest of Saadah province.

In a statement to September Net, Maj. Brigadier said that fierce confrontations are taking place between the National Army and the Houthi rebels from 4 axis in Saada.

“Our battle with the Houthi coup militia won’t stop and  the heroes of the Army are struggling to liberate the whole territory from Houthi insugrants”, he noted.

He also briefed that the army troops are enjoying with high combat readiness  and steadfastness, achieving a great victories against the Houthi rebels, who are fleeing  the scene in chaos.

Brigadier Al-Athla confirmed that the coming days will be full of surprised, in coincide with the rapid progress the army have been achieving in “Al-Malahedh of Al-Dhaher front”.

He added that the Army forces are almost 10 kilometers away from Maran area where the leader of the Houthi militia lives.




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