Airstrikes hit Houthi weapons depot, kill one field leader in Al-Baydah

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The Arab Coalition forces waged successful air raids against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militias, targeting rallies and weapons store in Al-Baydah province, Military sources told September Net on Friday.

Coalition warplanes launched series strike targeted gatherings and weapons store belonging to the Houthi insugrants in ” Al-Sawadia” directorate, amid heavy losses among Houthi militias.

“The strikes resulted in killing, wounding many Houthi fighters including field commander known as “Abo Qusai” in addition to destroying a big military equipment”, According to the sources.

Qania an area located between Al-Baydah and Marib provinces, witnessing ferice battles and confrontations between the National Army forces and the Houthi coupists, where the Army managed to make great strides on the ground.



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