Taiz…NA makes new advancements, inflicts Houthi militia major losses

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National Army forces have made great strides on the ground Monday after fierce battles and confrontations with the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in the western front of Taiz city, official sources said to September Net.

“The Army forces launched attack against the Houthi rebels concentrated on the positions of Al-Zonoge Valley, the vicinity of Al-Wa,sha mountain towards the 40th street in the west front and managed to regain control over Al-Qambataen hilltop and several other sites in the outskirts of Al-Wa’sha mountain”, according to the sources.

The skirmishes resulted in several dead and wounded within the Houthi coupists, 3 of them captured.

In parallel, National Army’s artillery attacked positions and fortifications belonging to the Houthi insurgents, inflicted them massive casualties in addition to destroying military machines.



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