Army ,Coalition jets bomb militias, many killed and wounded in Taiz

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The national army troops backed by Coalition forces bombed Houthi militias position in multiple parts of Taiz province on Thursday.

Military sources said to September Net that the national army forces launched fierce attack accompanied with artillery shelling on Houthi militias stationed in Alsalal hilltops, Softeel and Alga’ashah areas eastern Taiz, inflicting them major losses in life and destroying several vehicles.

In parallel, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircraft launched today’s morning a number of air raids on militias’ positions and gatherings in Resyan and Kmb areas of Makbanah district western the city.

The air raids left over 18 killed and injured the ranks of the coupists as well as two vehicles were destroyed, according to the sources.

Military sources said, the army troops repulsed an attempt by militias to retake some positions that the army had liberated previously, leaving a number of killed and wounded .



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