Human Rights Minister: Houthi militia killed, wounded 653 civilians in Hodeidah

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Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar said that Houthis had killed 279 persons and injured 374 others all of them civilians before the government and the Arab Coalition launched a military operation in June 13 to retake Hodeidah from the rebel militia.

In a seminar the ministry held on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council’s 38th session in Geneva on Friday to highlight violations in the key port city specifically, Askar said his ministry documented these facts and the rebel militia’s abduction of “journalists, activists, politicians and university teachers.”

He said that the militia arrested 862 persons, forced 384 others to disappearance, and tortured 58 others, 11 of them to death. The militia blew up the houses of seven oppositionists.

He said that the government and the Arab Coalition are committed to the international humanitarian law and the rules of engagement as they pursue their operations to rescue the Yemeni civilians from the radical militia.

He cited the government and the UN’s proposals of a peaceful transfer of the vital seaport’s control from Houthis to a neutral administration, approaches which Houthis rebuffed consecutively.

He said that the rebels continue to hinder the arrival of humanitarian aid to the seaport.

He called on the international community to end the militarization of the city and accept peace. He also called on all parties to protect the civilians and secure safe routes for the internally displaced persons


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