Arab Parliament condemns Houthi crimes against Yemen’s children


The Arab Parliament has condemned the Houthi militia’s increasing conscription of Yemenichildren into military camps to be trained on arms use and deployed to the frontlines to fight the government forces on Iran’s behalf.

In a resolution issued at the end of a session held in the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo on Wednesday, the Parliament said the rebel militia’s abuses amountto war crimes against humanity and a threat to regional and global peace and security, which necessitate the International Criminal Court’s move to take legal measurestowards them.

“The fact that the Houthi militia have abducted children from schools and deployed them to the warfronts is a crime against children;a deprivationfrom education and subjection to the worst form of child labor,” it said.

It said that the child fighter recruitment is “the most heinous” of all crimes as they have been resulting in children’s permanent disabilities, psychological problems, homelessness, deprivation from the right to education and most importantly the right to life.


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