National enquiry commission finds 4368 abuse claims, says vice chairperson

Local Report 0 Ali

The National Commission for Enquiry into human rights abuses over the course of the Houthiwar in Yemen has found 4368 claims of human rights abuses in the period from February 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018.

In a press conference the Commission held in Aden on Monday to release its fifth periodical report, the Commission’s vice chairperson Hussein al-Mashdalisaid the Commission’s 36 fact finders who were deployed across Yemen heard from 3800 eyewitnesses and reporters, referred to and kept a record of 5700 abuse suggesting records, and fully verified 1900 abuse claims. As for the verification results, the Commission found 939 civilian casualties, committedby both warring parties.

The report said the Commission found 58 cases of child soldier recruitment and 94 cases of landmine planting committed by the Houthiarmed group. The landmines, antipersonnel and anti-vehicle, resulted in killing 61civilians and wounding 79 others.
The Commission found documented allegations of 19 attacks on historical and cultural sites, four attacks on health workers and facilities, and forced displacement of 864 people constituting 142 families.

Of the 70 alleged extrajudicial killing, the Commission authenticated 51 cases. It also authenticated 355 arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances, 19 cases of torture and inhumane treatment, 21 deliberate bombing of houses, and five US drone attacks on civilians.


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