Army engineers blow up 2000 mines laid by Houthi militias in Hajjah

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Engineering Teams of the 5th Military Region, with assistance from Arab coalition’s mine experts, destroyed on Monday 2000 multi-function and size mines and IEDs planted by Houthi militias in Hairan northwest Hajjah province.

Brigadier Omar Jawhar, the Military staff of the 5th region said that “The landmines planted by Houthi rebeld in Harian front, before they were pushed out from it by the army, didn’t halt the advancement of the army who practically have enough experience of avoiding the mine threats as its teams work around the clock removing them.”

Brig.Jawhar has demanded United Nations and International organizations to mount pressure on Houthi militias to stop their use and plant of mines which have been posing serious threat to civilian lives, particularly in areas under the rebels control.

It’s very important to note that Houthi coupist militias laid thousands of mines and explosive devices in Hairan before the fled the area, aiming to hamper the army progress.The militias laid those mines and IEDs on public roads and residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties, the majority of whom were women and children.

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