Seven Houthi militias killed, dozens injured in Saada

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National army troops have made new field advancement on Tuesday in Saada province, north of the country.

The forces of the 5th brigade Boarder Guards carried out a military operation today resulted in liberating Al-Sadad point,while and Baqim Triangle become under the control of the army, Col. Waleed Al-Salehi, the arming officer of the brigade, told September Net.

National army has become nearer to the Security Department of Baqim district, Al-Salehi added.

Seven members of Houthi militia were killed, dozens injured, and two were captured, one of them is a cameraman works for the rebel-owned Al-Masirah TV, according the colonel.

He pointed out that Arab coalition jets continued its aerial support to the army on the ground, hitting militia reinforcements heading from the city center toward to frontlines and destroyed three combat machines for the insurgents.



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