VP meets with U.S. Ambassador to our country

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Tuesday with American Ambassador to our country Mathew Tuller.

Latest developments in national scene and Yemeni-American bilateral relations were discussed.

The Vice President appreciated American stance in supporting legitimate government and the Yemeni people. He reiterated legitimate leadership’s stance—led by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi—about sustainable peace that is based on the three well known terms of reference.

The Vice President congratulated the American Administration on the successful midterm elections. He also voiced the Yemeni government’s support for sanctions imposed on Iran as that is useful to limit its intervention in the Yemeni internal affairs and the region’s and its support for militant groups and its role in undermining political process in Yemen.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen stated that International Community and international partners, above all American friends have a duty to do to enforce International Security Council resolution 2216.” This is key element not only to achieve peace in Yemen, but in entire region”, Mohssen said.

He indicated that the putschist Houthis have continued to be intransigent, refusing to come to peace.

The Vice President has stated that legitimate government led by President Hadi is supporting the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths to make peace in Yemen in accordance with the three terms of reference.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen stated that legitimate government backed by Saudi-led Coalition are working on significant files including eliminate the coup, restore Yemeni state, countering Iranian subversive intervention, fighting terrorism and extremism, besides efforts to manage economic hardships and improve peoples’ living conditions.

The American Ambassador has reiterated his administration’s support for the legitimate government, noting that they are interested in finding peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis through the UN envoy’s efforts and support for humanitarian actions.


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