Info. Minister condemns terrorist incident in Mokha city, condoles victims’ families

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September Net

Minister of Information Muammer al-Iryani condemned terrorist attack targeted a market in the city of Mocha on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding 18 more.

Among the causalities is cameraman of Abu Dhabi TV channel Zyad al-Shara’ibi and reporter Faisal Adhubhani. Al-Shara’bi reported to have been killed and Adhubhani injured.

Locals reported that a motorcycle was detonated nearby cafeteria in a crowded market of the city.
Al-Iryani blamed Iran-allied Houthi rebel militia for the terrorist operation targeted the innocent civilians.

” This hideous terrorist crime is clear evidence that Houthi militia and its Iranian backers employed the terrorism as a card in its war on the Yemeni people since four years”, said al-Iryani.

The Minister expressed condolences to the victims’ families and Abu Dhabi Media Corporate on the death of one of its staff in Yemen.


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