Local Resistance defeats heavy attack by Houthi militia in Hajoor, Hajja


September Net

Resistance heroes in Hajoor region of Hajja province thwarted Sunday a fierce Houthi militia offensive, causing the latter heavy human and material losses.

Houthi militia have been waging a barbaric military aggression and siege against the region for two weeks, bombing civilians and residential houses with all sorts of heavy weapons.

Local sources told September Net the fighting has been ongoing between the tribes and Houthi militia in different areas of the region, where the rebel militia is suffering major losses in its ranks.

The sources said the militia sent huge military reinforcements of tanks, armor vehicles and rockets launchers in order to tighten its  siege against the civilians and in attempt to invade the area, but the local resistance fighters are still steadily defending their region.

Meanwhile, Arab coalition targeted the militia in different parts of Hajoor, killing 20 militiamen, wounding others and destroyed two military vehicles.

It’s noted that the Iran-backed Houthi militia continue its bombardment against populated villages with artillery and mortar shells indiscriminately.


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