Houthis-run schools train 50,0000 children in all arms, Information Minister says

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Minister of Information Muammar al-Eryani said “more than 50,000 children are being trained in [the use of] all arms and being brainwashed with Jihadist ideology” in the Houthi militias-run schools.

In a meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller on Thursday, al-Eryani said the Houthi militias have “also turned schools and universities into an ideal place for recruitment of fighters” into the ranks of their terrorist group.

He said the group have committed all types and categories of crimes including genocides against unarmed civilians, calling upon the United States to designate the Houthis a terrorist group. He warned that unless the international community stands by the government’s side, the whole world will have to “face a time bomb that will not explode in the face of the Yemenis alone.”

The US ambassador on his part said it is likely that the Houthis are in contact with a-Qaeda to reinforce chaos and confirmed that Iran is seeking to destabilize Yemen by supporting the Houthis.


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