Minister of Endowments says battle for restoring the state requires joint efforts


September Net

Minister of Endowments and Guidance Dr. Ahmed Atiah has stated that the ongoing battle for restoring the state must be everybody’s business, all partisan and provincial differences must be put aside, all must join efforts and align behind the political leadership headed by the President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Addressing an audience on Wednesday at the headquarters of Morale Guidance Directorate in Marib, Atiah said” Endowments and Guidance along with Morale Guidance must act jointly to repudiate Houthi militia’s misleading discourse that promote divisive culture among the Yemeni people, categorizing the community into masters and slaves, people must know and comprehend the lethal risks of Immamate racist doctrine that claims divine rights to rule in following theocratic rulers style in Tehran”.


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