Army’s demining team removed Houthis-laid 4 IEDs in Hodeidah

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September Net

National Army’s demining units have been dismantled 4 Improvised Explosive Devices ( IEDs) planted by Houthi militias in the Red Sea Mills in the western province of Hodeidah.

The explosive devices were dismantled just a few hours before the visit of the delegation of the International Monitoring Group (IOM), the World Food Program (WFP) and the Expert on the International Demining Program in the Red Sea, “Brypton Stephen.

Army’s demining units said in a field report the weight of each explosive is more than 80 kilograms, they were all buried and connected to each other through electric wires to be detonated remotely.

The Houthi militias planted mines, amid the piles of wheat distributed in the warehouse hall, inside the water tanks, in toilets, in offices, on vehicles and other places that do not come to mind,” the team said in its  field report.

The International Expert, Brypton Stephen, discussed with the Yemen’s  army demining team the mechanism for removing mines and the obstacles and difficulties encountered during the work.

They also talk about the number of mines, which were removed, their types and forms, and the area where they were found.

The head of the Army’s demining team told the International Expert that 3000 mines and IED’s have been removed so far, pointing the number increases daily.


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