Hajoor tribes liberate new sites, capture Houthi ground leader


September Net

Hajoor tribes liberated on Thursday several strategic sites in the north of Hajjah province, northwestern the country.

The tribes fighters launched fierce attack lasted for three hours against Houthi militias’ positions eastern Kushar district, liberating the strategic mountain of Hesn Almansourah and inflicting the Houthi rebels a number of killed and wounded.

The tribes also managed to captured the militias’ ground leader known as Ali al-Mortada along with a number of his escorts during the battles.

Meanwhile, the tribesmen were able to shot down today another Houthi unmanned aerial vehicle in Kushar district. The first drone was downed yesterday in the same district.

Arab Coalition to support legal government in Yemen dropped today weapons, ammunitions, food and medical supplies to resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes to defend their region against the Houthi militias.

In the context, the warplanes of Arab coalition targeted Houthi militias stationed in the mountain of al-Shanafi in Kushar district.

In the southeastern province of Taiz, heavy clashes erupted Wednesday between army forces and Houthi rebels in Makabanah Front in the west of Taiz.

The clashes broke out after the militia tried to advance towards army’s positions in the vicinity of Alkdmah, but were expelled and forced to flee.


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