UN Envoy to report Houthi militias obstruct Hodeidah agreement

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September Net

Houthi militias continue to obstruct UN envoy General Michael Lollesgaard Chairman from implementing the Hodeidah agreement.

Based on the minutes of the fourth meeting of the Committee, General Lollesgaard said he would send a message explaining the reasons for Houthis’ delay in implementing the agreement.

Yemeni sources said it was addressed to the UN, and in particular to the Special Envoy to Yemen, explaining that this statement came following the government’s request to clarify why the first step of the first phase has not been implemented yet by Houthi militias.

The Stockholm Agreement is primarily aimed at improving the humanitarian situation, and its main task is to operate ports and open humanitarian corridors, General Michael told the government team.

He asserted that what matters is securing ports, regardless of who is authorized to run them, which the government team considered a hint that Houthis will remain as local security forces.


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