Washington Times: Houthi militia represents a greater threat than al Qaeda

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September Net – Washington Times

The “Houthis” call themselves “Ansar Allah” (“Supporters of God”) and they are a version of radical Islam dedicated to the universal triumph of their apocalyptic creed “uber alles” to borrow a phrase from Nazi Germany.

Ansar Allah’s motto, displayed on their flag, says it all: “God is great! Death to the U.S.! Death to Israel! Curse the Jews and victory to Islam.!”

Today the United States is largely oblivious to threats from Houthi rebels to the U.S. homeland from their incubator in Yemen.

The warning signs are ominous Houthi militia may be a greater threat than al Qaeda of 9/11 may.

Whereas al Qaeda in Afghanistan were guests of the Taliban, Houthi Group has conquered most of Yemen, a nation more strategically significant than Afghanistan. Yemen, located at the mouth of the Red Sea, can threaten the trade and oil artery to the Suez Canal, and neighboring moderate Arab states who are U.S. allies.

Houthi militia has rapidly metastasized, like cancer, has a huge number of fighters and loyalists today — far eclipsing al Qaeda’s manpower.

Yemen’s Jews and other “infidel” minorities under Houthi rebels are persecuted, imprisoned, ransomed, tortured and executed.

Houthi militia routinely shells civilian areas of Yemen still not under their control, forces mass civilian evacuations and uses human shields.

Brainwashed children serve as soldiers in the ranks of militia . About one-third of their fighters are children, according to Human Rights Watch.

According to Phillip Smyth of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Iran regards all Shiites in the Middle East, including Houthi militia, as “integral elements to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).” Houthi leaders receive ideological education in Iran. Iranian and Hezbollah military advisers help train Houthi fighters.

Iran uses Houthi militia to fight a proxy war against moderate Arab states allied with the United States, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and others. Arab moderates are understandably fearful of strategically located Yemen become a terrorist state.

Iran and North Korea have provided Houthi militia with increasingly advanced weapons.

In 2013, the U.S. Navy intercepted a sophisticated class of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile not previously known to be in the possession of any terrorist group.

In April 2016, the U.S. Navy intercepted a massive shipment of arms, including thousands of rocket-propelled grenade launchers and AK-47 assault rifles, shipping from Iran to Houthi militia.

Houthi militia is one of the few terrorist organizations in the world armed with ballistic missiles. They regularly make missile strikes on Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh.

The Saudis are trying to protect themselves from Houthi militia missiles with U.S supplied Patriot anti-missile batteries

Now the Houthi militia is waging missiles against Saudi Arabia and has also fired missiles at U.S. Navy ships in the Red Sea.


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