Yemeni, American officials discuss cultural collaboration between the two countries

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September Net

Minister of Cultural Marwan Dammaj held session on Thursday in Washington with Assistant of U.S. Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Mary Royce.

Aspects of cultural cooperation between the two friendly countries were key focus of Dammaj’s conversations with Royce.

The meeting held in the headquarters of U.D. Foreign Department with presence of Yemen’s Ambassador to Washington Ahmed Awdh bin Mubark.

The two sides agreed on establishing sustainable cultural partnership to counter illicit dealing with Yemeni antiquities in the U.S.A.

They also agreed on making arrangements for training programs for the Yemeni cadres who are specialist in antiquities excavations, document and preservation.

The Minister underscored the pressing need for protecting the Yemeni antiquities from looting, randomly excavation and smuggling to abroad.” Houthi militia coup has created serious security and institutional vacuum conducive to trafficking, smuggling antiquities, ruining the country’s precious treasures by radical and extremist groups”, said Marwan.

He also voiced the Yemeni government’s appreciation for American administration, cultural institutions and archeological missions that play significant role in preserving Yemen’s cultural heritage.

For her part, Royce stated that her country’s administration is interested in the situation in Yemen including protection of Yemen’s cultural heritage.
Dammaj met also met with President of the Middle East Institute in Washington Paul Salim with presence Deputy Chairman of Experts Board of the Institute former American Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein.

The session devoted to explore the best methods can help protecting Yemen’s antiquities and the prospects of American institutions’ contribution to preserve Yemen cultural heritage.


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