Hajjah…38 Houthi militants killed, injured in Hajoor


September Net

38 Houthi militants were killed and injured on Sunday in clashes and air strikes in Kushar district in the north of Hajjah province.

Fierce battles broke out between Hajoor tribesmen and Houthi militants in Kushar district, resulting in the liberation of several areas including Bani Shos.

10 Houthi rebels were killed and injured during the battles, while tribesmen gained a number of medium weapons from the liberated area.

The Arab Coalitions warplanes targeted today’s morning Houthi militias’ combat vehicles in several areas of Kushar district, killing 20 Houthi militiamen.

The Houthi militias continue imposing siege from all directions on Hajoor tribes.

It’s worth noting that military reinforcements arrived yesterday to the 5th  military zone in order to break the siege imposed by the Houthi rebels.


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