Hajoor tribes thwart Houthis’ attack, Arab Coalition target their vehicles  


September Net

Fierce battles erupted on Monday between Hajoor tribesmen and Houthi militias as the latter launched several attacks on the former’s sites in Kushar district northern Hajjah province.

The tribesmen managed to thwart the militias’ attacks on the mountain of al-Aram and Jumanah located in the southeast of the Mandalah area.

The Arab coalition fighters targeted two vehicles belong to Houthi rebels. The first was loaded with ammunition, while the second was carrying militants in the east of Mandalah area.

This morning, the Arab coalition aircraft dropped down foodstuffs, medical supplies and ammunition, to support the Hajoor tribes. This is the sixth patch of its operation in less than two weeks.

Moreover, the militias continued shelling the citizens’ houses in al-Abaisah area eastern the said district.


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